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About Kappa Sigma

At Epsilon-Mu, we set the standard for Greek Organizations at The University of Tulsa. From our back to school Glow Party to our award winning Olympics Philanthropy Week, Kappa Sigma finds success in all areas of fraternity life!

Within Epsilon-Mu we continually strive to reach new heights. Understanding that the future of Kappa Sigma not only relies on new members, but also on the future of its alumni, we place a great amount of emphasis on our member’s scholastic performance. Our high expectations ultimately lead to the betterment of Kappa Sigma as a whole.

Whether it is competing in the annual Homecoming events or hosting a sorority-wide dance competition outside of our house, the brothers at Epsilon-Mu work together to show the rest of Tulsa what a strong bond between friends can accomplish.

2017 Champion's Weekend.jpg

To find out more about the Epsilon-Mu Chapter, take a look at the articles below.

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