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Kappa Sigma's Sweetheart

Each year, the undergraduate brothers vote for the woman who best represents our Chapter of Kappa Sigma. During our Sweetheart Formal in the Spring, the Kappa Sigma Sweetheart for the following year is announced. The Sweetheart's photo is added to the Chapter Composite as a token of our appreciation for all that she does for us.

This year, Epsilon-Mu is pleased to announce Hayley Merriott, who is unaffiliated with a Sorority, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart for 2021-2022.


Past Sweethearts

Kendall Sack - Kappa Delta

Shianne Andrew - Kappa Delta

Avery Skalla - Kappa Delta

Natalie Galan - Delta Gamma

Emma Diller - Delta Delta Delta

Ashley Bavuso - Independent

Elizabeth Smith - Chi Omega

Hailee Davis - Chi Omega

Katie Bernie - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Erin Harkins - Independent

Jillian Hauf - Chi Omega

Michelle Troia - Delta Gamma

Libby Rhodus - Delta Gamma

Nicole Hutcheson - Delta Gamma

Katie Guinn - Delta Gamma

Anne Dachowski - Delta Delta Delta

Melissa Ebel - Independent

Jenny Barrow - Chi Omega

Beth Garrison - Delta Gamma

Jennifer Staiger - Delta Gamma

Katie Weymer - Delta Delta Delta

Ann Matthews - Delta Gamma

GeorgeAnn Rose - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Julie Manna - Delta Gamma

Dana Elias - Independent

Christie Moore - Chi Omega

Deborah Simon - Delta Delta Delta

Shyerial Brooke - Delta Delta Delta

Anne HigginBottem - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Jenny Mullin - Chi Omega


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Kappa Sigma's Sweetheart

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